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company has offered an unemployment subsidy plan to help those villagers without working capacity to access basic subsistence security.Some villagers felt s▓trange and doubted it. The company has deployed eight working▓ teams with over 30 Chinese and local employees, who have worked day and night▓ to exchange views with every village.Ms. Yu, leader of the third team, said, "every team has 2-3 m▓embers, mainly Chinese employees and local employees have worked as interprete

low ▓any vill age to lag behind but make every village and e very person live a good life because of th e copper min e."The leade rs, Chinese em ployees and lo▓cal employees of t he company have visite d local fields and communicated with v illagers in the burning  sun. Their talks h ave often lasted for sev eral hours.The biggest concern of local villager s is employment. A ccordingly, the 保山市wap 汤原县wap 邳州市5G 枣阳市5G 嘉鱼县wap 弥渡县wap 沂南县5G 肇东市wap 桂平市wap 梅河口市5G 巢湖市5G 南部县5G 永城市5G 冷水江市wap 准格尔旗鄂托克旗wap 光山县wap 鹤岗市5G 广德县5G 乐清市wap 和龙市5G 超变态传奇私服网站新开网 超变热血传奇私服 超级变态传奇私服网站刚开一秒 传奇私服外挂免费版2019 新开东北网通传奇私服 网页传奇私服开服表 冰雪版本传奇私服攻略 无赦单职业传奇私服发布网 传奇私服gm之家 新开单职业传奇私服网站